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Good Morning,

  I am writing to you this day with a bitter-sweet announcement. For the past nine years, The Sutton Studio has been teaching students of all ages the performing arts, be it Dance, Voice, Piano and Acting. I started this business with 5 students in a church music room. We expanded to Bardstown and then purchased our building in Louisville. We have had many ups and downs, and lots of cold and rainy parades. I am emailing you all this morning to inform you this 2018 recital will be my last. My wonderful husband Josh has accepted a new position in Tampa, Fl. He and I will moving to Tampa on the first of June. Although I am very excited about this new chapter in our life, I have a heavy heart as I must say goodbye to all of you.  

  There is a happy ending to this sad news however, The Puckett's ( Angela, Cherish and Faith ) will be continuing teaching at the Louisville studio. The transition should be easy as most of you know or have even been taught by these wonderful ladies. There will be more information coming to you soon on this transition. Although I will be leaving in June, I will be not officially be closing the studio till the end  of July to help with any transitions. For those of you going to nationals with me we will still be competing under The Sutton Studio name. 

  I know this news may be difficult for some of you and your students. Please know that I will do all I can to make this a smooth and happy goodbye.  

  For my Bardstown location, I am sorry that there is no option for the studio to continue. I hope that you can find instruction elsewhere and your students continue to learn and grow as performers.  I will be having a "Going out of Business" sale / end of year party on Thursday May 31st 6-8 pm. I would love for all my Bardstown folks to be there if possible. I'll have my favorite punch and cookies! 

  For my Louisville location, I would love to get to say goodbye to you all on Wednesday  May30th, 6-8. I will have my favorite Punch and Cookies! 

  I want to thank all of you for the years of talent and joy you have shared with me. I regret nothing of this adventure, and I will know I will look back at my time as the owner of The Sutton Studio For The Performing Arts as a goal reach, achieved and exceeded. 

Thank you all,


Jamie Lynn  

The Sutton Studio will be transferring ownership to Legacy School of Dance beginning in August. Anyone wanting information should check Legacy out on Facebook or contact Angela Puckett (owner) at 502-367-6069 or Dawn Powers (office manager) at 502-349-2755.




















The Sutton Studio for the Performing Arts is the premiere educational youth program for dance, music, and theatre in the Louisville, Kentucky area. Focusing on the belief that every adult, young adult, and child has a unique and beautiful spirit that can grow through artistic expression, the studio provides all instruction in a safe and supportive environment meant to foster trust and maximize the learning experience. Our mission is to teach young people about dance, theatre, and music in a way that encourages the development of self-esteem and self-reliance. That mission is central to all aspects of the studio's programming.
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The Sutton Studio for the Performing Arts is a dance studio in Louisville Kentucky. Voice lessons and acting lessons are also available through the studio. Dance lessons are taught primarily by artistic director Jamie Lynn Sutton. Our dance classes are exciting and fun, while maintaining a focus on good dance technique. This studio for the performing arts in the Louisville, KY area is an excellent place to take dance class, voice lessons, piano lessons, and acting lessons. Please explore our website to learn more about our dance classes, voice lessons, piano lessons, and acting lessons in the Louisville, KY area.